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What can rodents chew through?

It is well known (because many researches have been done and statistical data used to corroborate these) that Florida rodents cause significant damage to industry, agriculture and health and sanitation. Rodents are carriers of several dangerous diseases and with their feces and urine they pollute any surface they touch-and they move all over your home and surrounding area, which you will discover in no time, when you start seeing rodent feces around.

Rodents are very mobile. They can easily get into our homes and they can also very easily handle different obstacles that we place in order to prevent them to enter our home or to walk freely around it/through it.

Rodent damage has been seen everywhere: in homes and in business buildings, factories and farms, as well as every other structure. In cities rodents primarily damage older buildings that are primarily made of wood structure. Wood is easy for rodents to chew on with their long front teeth that are slightly bent inward. They actually need to chew on hard surfaces to work on their front teeth and keep their growth under control.

Besides this "training" on wood, rodents can actually chew almost any material, excluding metal and heavy concrete. Florida rodents can chew on many different materials, as well as aluminum sheets and lead, already mentioned wood, window screens, rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, plastic as well as poor, thin concrete or porous concrete blocks. By chewing, rodents will create openings large enough to enter your home. They just need rough surface, one that is not completely flat and hard and they will easily chew onto it and get inside your home.

Rodents will destroy electrical wiring, insulation, plumbing as well as majority of other structural elements that buildings are made of. When you start counting all the costs and damage due to rodents, you will come to several thousand dollars bills only to insulation, for example. This is just the beginning of problems with rodent chewing. They chew on electrical wires once they get through insulation around it and this will cause energy outings and energy loss. Open wires can also cause fire in the house and this can completely damage your home. The fact that you can stay without electricity, phone line, internet line or television program can be frustrating enough, too. And let's mention that they can easily trigger alarm (if you have alarm system) with their chewing on wires!

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Rats can't chew through steel. That's why we use steel for our rodent-proofing repairs.