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What Is a One-Way Exclusion Door?

An unwelcome wild animal invading the home is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. If this happens to you, it’s important not to panic but to act quickly in order to minimize the damage the Florida animal may cause to your property. There are several options you can consider to accomplish this.

Getting Rid of Wildlife from the Household
Getting rid of wildlife in our household is not an easy task to do. This can also pose some big problems when not using the proper methods and procedures. Although prevention is still the best remedy for controlling and removing Jacksonville pests, the use of other techniques or strategies to catch them alive and dump them somewhere else is also another resort.

One-Way Exclusion Door
In catching Florida wildlife, a one-way exclusion door is a technique that is commonly used. One-way exclusion doors are to be installed on a structure directly where holes are points of entry of wildlife. The device usually has wings on one side to help mount it on the structure. One-way exclusion doors are considered to be the best method to remove target wildlife compared to using traps.

Different Set Ups of One-Way Exclusion Doors
There are various set-ups of the one-way exclusion door you can install in your house:
• Search for holes where wildlife can potentially enter. Look closely for some holes or gaps which can be potential points of entry of animals and other pests.
• If you find a few holes in the house, cover up all holes but one which is the most likely one wildlife can get into. Give your due attention to the main hole where wildlife can gain access to your property.
• Steel screening should be used when sealing -- the type Jacksonville wildlife can’t easily chew on. As we all know, wildlife love chewing on things that get in their way, so it’s best to use durable materials such as steel screening in sealing.

Setting Up Your Own One-Way Exclusion Door
You can make your own one-way exclusion door to remove Jacksonville wildlife from your house by using materials you already have. A one-way exclusion door is considered as the most effective and humane way to remove wildlife from your property.

Steps in Setting up a One-Way Exclusion Door
1. Check your house for possible wildlife points of entry. Examine your house, including the attic where you can possibly hear some scratching sounds. Block or cover up holes you found, especially the biggest one in order for wildlife to have no entrance or exit to choose from. Cover all points of entry using pieces of hardware cloth.
2. Look for possible baby animals or Florida wildlife nest.
Before trapping wildlife, be sure to check first if they have left some babies or a nest.
3. Install the one-way exclusion door at the major point of entry.
4. Place a cage outside the door. You can also place some food bait to attract wildlife.
5. Lastly, remove the cage trap and close the door.

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